Workout Dashboard

In the present context of health-related applications, graphical visualization of physiological data gathered from multiple sources can convey significant information about the health of an individual, the trends in the variation of certain physiological parameters and can also enable prediction of the future health of the individual. For patients of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) in particular, visualization of data pertaining to heart rate is imperative to determine patterns in the variation of resting and active heart rate.  A study conducted by a research group at UW Seattle showed that when CHF patients were presented with a score of their risk of re-admission, the actual number of re-admissions were drastically reduced. Average heart rates during workouts, the time taken to revert to resting heart rate after a workout (ramp-down time), and variations in the resting and active heart rate are all indicators of the status of the heart.


In order to enable effective visualization of the relevant physiological parameters, the following two components need to be developed:

  1. An effective scraping technology for scraping data from the various devices of interest (Apple Watch, Zephyr Chest Band, etc.)
  2. A dashboard to display the collected data in an intuitive format.


The Workout Dashboard is an Android Application that runs on Android versions 4.4 (KITKAT) and above. It graphically reports the physiological status of the user using data scraped from various sources.


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