Joe Dirt is a new student at Carnegie Mellon University. His Physics class has had several tough assignments and quizzes as of late, and Joe finds himself falling behind. Joe wants to form a study group for the upcoming midterm; however, as a new student Joe does not know other students in the class. The class consists of over 100 students therefore it is difficult to find a group of students struggling with the same concepts.


Meanwhile another student, Jill, is also nervous about upcoming Physics midterm. Jill has been on campus for a year now and she is familiar with the new trending mobile application OverNerd@CMU. She logs into her account on her phone and searches for any active study groups for Physics 101. She finds several ideal study groups posted; however, their meeting times conflict with her schedule. The other study group fits into her schedule but the study group has 15 members. Jill recognizes that she is most effective when she studies in small groups. As a result, Jill and her friend decide to create their own study group on the app. She enters her student ID, course number, ideal group size, meeting time, meeting location, and a brief description of the purpose of the study group. She submits the study group which is automatically synced with her calendar.


Joe approaches the course TA about his predicament. The TA suggests to download OverNerd@CMU to check if other students are struggling with the same concept. Joe downloads the app, registers his student ID and searches for study groups for Physics 101. To his surprise he finds a study group that has similar concerns about the exam. Joe clicks the Join feature on the app and his student ID is registered to the study group.

Jill receives a notification that another student has joined her study group. She does not recognize the student’s ID. To confirm his attendance, Jill clicks on the student’s profile and sends him an email introducing herself. Both Jill and Joe confirm their interest and concerns for the exam.


OverNerd@CMU is an application for CMU students to search, create and manage study groups. The application allows students to create a profile, add courses of interest and search for ongoing study sessions. All study groups are maintained in a global database. The application also allows users to maintain a public profile with their information.


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