Project Touchport

Touchport is novel system that makes the human-computer interface highly interactive and convenient.

In recent times, numerous services and applications catering specially to touchscreen devices have been developed and will continue to be in demand. So is it then time to throw away your laptops or PCs and buy newer touch sensitive versions? Not only would this be an expensive option, the amount of e-waste generated would be massive!

With Touchport, any old PC or laptop can be converted into a touch sensitive device. Now, it becomes easier to interact with your computer in an economical and eco-friendly way.

Project Touchport is a complete system that makes the human-computer interface convenient, simple and wireless. The system consists of two modules, the touchscreen module and the remote module. The touchscreen module can be used to convert any regular computer screen to a touch sensitive screen, eliminating the need for a new touch sensitive device. The remote module is a wearable device that can be used to control the computer from a distance by means of gestures.

The published research paper can be found here!



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