Project Stay Alert

In today’s fast paced world, basic human necessities like sleep and rest have taken a back seat. This has ultimately lead to a large number of road accidents occurring because of drivers falling asleep at the wheel.

The solution proposed is a system of interconnected devices that can determine how drowsy a driver is and alert him. The system monitors physiological and behavioral to decide if a driver is alert. Each device is based on a particular characteristic exhibited by a sleepy driver. The three devices proposed are the headband, the pedal module and the steering module. The headband monitors the blink rate. The mounted accelerometer measures the acceleration of the head either ways and checks if the driver’s head is swaying like a drowsy person’s would. The pedal module monitors the pressure of the foot on the accelerometer pedal. The steering module measures the pressures of the driver’s hands on the wheel.

Stay Alert is an aftermarket system that can be installed on any vehicle. It combines inputs from four sources so that faulty alarms can be minimized. It is portable and hence can be easily installed on just about any vehicle.

The full research paper can be found here!


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